National Immunoglobulin Database Annual Meeting

Friday 9th December 2016

Morning Session

PDF-exploitAgenda 787 KB

pptxDatabase and Data Update – Rob Hollingsworth & Mark Foster (MDSAS) 2 MB

pptxNational Immunoglobulin Database Meeting Procurement Update – David Ford (CMU) 502 KB

pptxPaediatric ITP – DR Philip Connor (University Hospitals of Wales) 266 KB

pptxPrimary Immunodeficiency UK – Andrew Thomas (PID UK) 15 MB

pptxImmunoglobulin Database Annual Meeting – Mark Foster (MDSAS) 4 MB

pptxNHSE Commissioning Update – Mandy Matthews (NHS England) 1 MB

Afternoon Session

Database Workshop

pptxFuture database updates and suggestions – Paul Kane (MDSAS) 9 MB