Clinical Info

Updated Commissioning Criteria for the use of therapeutic immunoglobulin (Ig) in immunology, haematology, neurology and infectious diseases in England November 2019 v1.4

Second Edition Update of the Clinical Guidelines (July 2011)

The Second Edition Guidelines remain in place and this update should be used in conjunction with them. The guidelines can be accessed using the buttons below.

Clinical Guidelines for Immunoglobulin Use (2nd Edition, May 2008)

The clinical guidelines provide guidance on appropriate use of immunoglobulin and a framework for the promotion of evidence-based clinical practice. A poster summarising the recommendations for appropriate immunoglobulin is provided. A summary of the guidelines was published in the BMJ and can be accessed here through the BMJ website. 

Demand Management Plan for Immunoglobulin Use (2nd Edition, May 2008)

This document outlines actions for Trusts and the procedures to be implemented in times of shortages. A poster providing a summary of the Demand Management Plan can be downloaded below.

Model Commissioning Policy for Immunoglobulin

The National Specialised Commissioning Group has published version two of the Model Commissioning Policy (MCP) for immunoglobulin. The policy provides a clear statement of the commissioning position and the decision-making process for each category of treatment. These documents can found by clicking the buttons below.

Commissioning Immunoglobulin

This document has been written by commissioners with experience of immunoglobulin, in response to the recent publication by the Department of Health of the Second Edition Update to the Clinical Guidelines.